Prince Sultan Cardiac Center AlHassa achievements for 2017-2018

    Based on the mission of the center, which is based on the provision of advanced services in accordance with the highest international standards, we use the latest technology to develop the center in order to be a role model in the delivery of heart health care providers and to implement the highest quality standards, taking into account the provision of maximum and highest safety for beneficiaries from the medical service. This enabled the center to record many achievements in the field of medical services and quality programs and credits.

Therapeutic services:

  1. Successfully implant the smallest artificial heart in the world for (33) cases of advanced heart failure as the first specialised center in Ministry of Health.
  2. Successfully implant of cardiac pacemakers for two children without surgery and performing complex open heart surgery for childrens and newborns.
  3. Management of arrhythmia through catheterization using ablation.
  4. Aortic root surgery including aortic dissection repair.
  5. Saving patient after leaflet embolization of mechanical mitral valve with emergency surgical intervention (rare case in the world).
  6. Saving pregnant mother with her foetus; suffering from sever left ventricle dysfunction by performing emergency cesarean section under circulatory support device.

Quality programs and accreditations

  • Certification of Conformance with GHA COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • Accreditation by Joint Commission International(JCI) in April 2017 with score of 99% with full score in Governance, Leadership and Direction, patient care and patient safety.
  • Accreditation with distinction by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for Ventricular Assist Device Program with score 99.9%.
  • Accreditation with Distinction” by JCI for Clinical Care Program in management of Acute Myocardial Infarction in October 2017 with score of 98%.
  • Accreditation with Distinction” by JCI for Clinical Care Program in managementof Heart Failure in October 2017 with score of 98.4%.
  • Accreditation with Excellence” by the Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) for Medical Travel Patients Program in May 2018 (first hospital in middle east).
  • Accreditation by Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institute (CBAHI) in May 2018 with score of 95.11%.
  • Registered at European Registry for Patients with Mechanical Circulatory Support (EUROMACS) as first hospital in the Kingdom
  • Registered in ), United States of America.
  • Accredited by Saudi Council for Health Specialties for Cardiology Fellowship Program.
  • Referral center for ” Johns Hopkins Aramco healthcare” employees and their families in the Eastern Region.
  • First rank in “Quality of blood gas tests” in the Kingdom, 2017.
  • First rank in patient experience satisfaction survey among Ministry of Health cardiac center’s for OPD services.