The Cardiac OR department provides care for both pediatric and adult patient requiring elective and emergency cardiac surgery adhering to advanced, innovative compassionate and excellent care. The Cardiac OR is located on the 2nd Floor of the hospital building with two operating room theaters.

    A continuous and permanent evaluation of the devices and tools is carried out by the concerned parties, in order to provide the department with the latest equipment and tools developed in the field of open heart surgeries.

    The Department of Operations includes an integrated medical team of cardiologists, anesthesiologists, as well as the best specialized nursing staff in the field of open heart surgery, all of whom are experienced and competent. They work in a team spirit and cooperate closely with each other, With full commitment to international standards for open heart surgery to optimize services and maintain patient safety.

The operations department performs the following operations:

  • CABG (On pump/Off pump)
  • Valve Replacements/ Repairs
  1.  Aortic valve replacement/ Repairs
  2.  Mitral Valve Replacement/Repairs/ Annuloplasty
  3.  Tricuspid valve replacement I De Vega repair/ Annuloplasty.
  • Repair of Aortic Aneurysms (Bentall’s procedure, Tirone David’s procedure)
  • Redo Procedures if neccessary.
  • Pediatric heart procedures
  1. ASD closure
  2. VSD closure
  3. Repair of A V canal (complete/partial)
  4. TOF Repair
  5. Repair of TAPVC/PAPVC
  6. Ross procedure
  7. Rastellie procedure