To be well recognized as a laboratory that provides high quality and reliable testing results to our patients and their physicians in a timely


To provide innovative, high quality and competent clinical laboratory services to cardiac patients.

Scope of service:

The Core Clinical Laboratory is committed to be a vital component of the Center adhering to its vision to provide advanced, innovative, compassionate and excellent care to patients with cardiac disorders with outstanding values and superior patient service combining the latest state of the art technology.

  • The laboratory also provides the patient and doctors with accurate and reliable laboratory testing in a timely manner through:
  1. Ongoing development, implementation and evaluation of quality control methods appropriate to each test.
  2. Continuous evaluation and revision of current laboratory procedures, introduction of new procedures as they are available and adaptable to the needs of the hospital.
  3. Continuing education programs for Clinical Laboratory personnel to update their knowledge of laboratory theory and practice.
  4.  Regular maintenance and calibration of all machines according to designed references.
  • The Core Clinical Laboratory provides stat and routine clinical laboratory services such as Routine Biochemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis and Fecalysis for hospital inpatients, outpatients and clinics and PSCCH employees.