1-Knowing Patient and Family Rights and Responsibilities

-Introduce the patient to the facility mission and the patient and family rights and responsibilities toward it

-Doing a patient satisfaction survey regarding specific department

-Give a copy of the Patient and Family rights and responsibilities bill to the patient.

-Post Patients relation offices number in visible places.

2-Respect and Appreciation

-Treat the patient with courtesy and respect, with appreciation of his/her individual dignity, no matter of the time or conditions.

3- Privacy and Confidentiality:

-Discuss the treatment with the patient or his/her legal guardian confidentiality:

-Maintain the confidentiality of the patient’s information, diagnosis tests, treatment, and medical records.

4-Safety and Protection:

-Provide patient with health care in a safe environment that is appropriate to the patient health condition.

 5- Getting Health Care :

-Provide the patient with right treatment in the right time without discrimination as to race, religion, believe, creed, language, sex, age, or disability.

 6- Participation In the Health Care Plan.

-Introduce the patient to the services provided by the health facility, the proposed healthcare plan in addition to the potentials and capability of the health facility.

– To have the right to seek a second consultation from inside or outside the facility /change the treating physician without any compromise

 7- Refuse Treatment

-Inform the patient or his/her legal guardian of the right of refusing the treatment or a part of it; taking into account the adopted laws and regulations.

8- Health Insurance and Financial policy:

-the patient has the right to know in advance the expected cost of treatment.

 9- Clear and Comprehensive Declaration Forms:

Provide a list of interventions that requires separate declaration like: surgeries, anesthesia, blood transfusions, interventions and risky treatments.

 10-Complaints and Suggestion Policies and Procedures:

-The patient has the right to fill a verbal or written complaint/ suggestion, whether it is signed or not, to Patient Relations Directorate without affecting the provided service quality.

11- Organ And Tissues Donation Policies And Procedures

12-Participation In Research Studies


The patient and his/her family(including the companions) are responsible for:

 1.  Preserving the proprieties of the health facility and the others

2. Using the facilities and equipment’s in the health facilities safely and correctly.

3. Following the rules and instructions:

  • Presenting personal identification.
  • Providing complete and accurate information about the patient’s personal and medical information.
  • Informing the health care providers of the surgeries he/she went through in addition to the other health facilities he went to
  • Reporting any changes in the patients’ health.
  • Notifying the physician about lack of understanding the treatment plan and interventions.
  • Providing accurate and complete information about the patients’ health insurance.
  • Ensuring that financial obligations due to the health facility are fulfilled promptly.
  • Following the recommended treatment plan, where the patient or her/his actions and the consequences in case he/she refused treatment.

4.Treating all personal, patients and visitor with courtesy, and respect.

5. Following the general rules in addition to respecting others cultural, spiritual and personal values and beliefs.

6. Respecting the privacy of others.

7. Following health facility regulations and instructions.

8. Observing safety and security regulation in the health facility.

9. Keeping appointments and notifying the health facility when the patient is unable to do so for any reason.

10. Implementing the health facility’s transferor discharge decisions.

11. Adopting No-smoking policy in the health facility except in specialized places for smoking.

12. Notifying the reception staff and health care team in case of and infection diseases (HIV and hepatitis B,C )