Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Alhasa was established by a generous donation from his royal highness prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz-may god have mercy upon him- in the date of 4/10/1424 H making a huge evolution in the field of specialized medical services in the region and the field of precautionary, rehabilitation, and medical care provision for the patients of Alhasa, their families, nearby region patients and referred patients.

    By the day of 17/4/1430ᴴ, Prince Mohammed bin Fahad opened the center. The center has been continuously developing since then on the quality of services provided to patients and medical achievements including for example “GAMA camera” system, establishing an adult congenital defect unit, increasing number of beds, developing the cardiac surgical intensive care unit, updating automated system network, and building an automated drug dispensary system for inpatients and outpatients, in addition to many future projects.

    In PSCCH, we provide newest advanced devices in accordance with latest international systems like electronic patient monitoring, modern Catheterization Laboratories, Myocardial perfusion imaging, Echocardiography devices, and Cardiac electrophysiological device.

    The patient care is provided by distinguished Saudi medical and nursing staff who have been trained in world famous centers.