• First hospital in KSA to succeed in implanting smallest left ventricular assistive device (LVAD) in the world.
  • Achieved 99% in JCI accreditation as hospital program and clinical care program certification  for acute myocardial infraction and heart failure.
  • Achieved full score in leadership, management, governance, patient care and safety chapters.
  • Achieved first place in quality of blood gas tests all over the kingdom in the year 2017.

PSCCH facility fact sheet:

73 beds for adult and pediatric cardiac patients distributed as following:

        Female/male ward (39 beds).

        ICU (10 beds).

        CCU (10 beds).

        Pediatrics ward (14 beds).

Out-patient department:

There are more than 120 specialty clinics which are distributed as following:

  • Congenital heart disease clinic for children.
  • Open Heart Surgery Clinic
  • Cardiac Stress Measurement Clinic
  • ECG Monitoring Clinic
  • Cardiac Ultrasound Clinic
  • Nuclear Medicine Clinic
  • Clinical Examination Clinic
  • High-risk Vascular Catheterization Clinic
  • Cardiac Valve Diseases Clinic
  • Heart Failure Clinic
  • Anticoagulation Clinic
  • Cardiac follow-up Clinic