The PSCCH recently got the SCFHS’s(Saudi commission for health specialties) accreditation for the cardiology fellowship program.
This achievement comes along the center’s record of achievements and developments in various fields, the accreditation is considered a prosperous step towards progression of academic and professional level of medical Competencies, through distinct organizing of fellowship training programs, that compile with high international medical standards and demands, in order to get the medical fellowship certificate in cardiology specialty.

It’s good to mention that PSCCH is offering a series of diagnostic and therapeutic services for heart patients; adult, pediatrics and newborns. For its services covers the whole population of Alhasa province and thanks to PSCCH’s competent medical staff it also receives a number of referred cases from eastern region and other regions of Saudi Arabia.

During the last year of 2017, the center went through tremendous growth and fastened leaps on the level of many fields; on the field of medical services and surgeries, for instance the center was able to successfully implant the smallest left ventricular assistive device in the world to 8 patients, as the first heart-specialized center amongst the ministry of health’s heart centers.

PSCCH’s cardiology department for pediatrics and newborns had its own share of growth as the department preformed a number of surgeries including: Congenital heart disease surgeries, repair and mend mitral valve and coronary artery bypass graft aortic dissection surgeries, and newborns’ double outlet right ventricular repair procedures which is considered among the most complex surgeries for children in the world.

Besides that, the Cardiac surgery department of the center is performing successful emergency surgeries for aortic dissection repair surgeries which saved the lives of many patients. They also performed a rare yet successful surgery to replace a patient’s previously implanted metallic or tissue valve that split and dispersed, with a new artificial heart valve, thus making it the world’s first recorded case.

2017’s enhanced performance indicator jumped to high standards’ levels where annual death rate decreased to 2.6% even though number of patients and surgeries increased. On the other hand, bed occupancy rate in the center reached 73%, while number of Cardiac catheterization and cardiac surgeries performed reached 5500 procedures, 626 surgeries respectively. Average patient occupancy rate was 3.6 days as number of out-patient specialized clinics increased to 130 clinics working all 7-days of week to accommodate the biggest number of regular patients whose number reached 68322 referred patients.

In terms of quality and accreditation programs, the center has achieved 99% in health care quality from the joint commission international(JCI-CCPC) quality approval of health facilities in the USA, as well as a certificate from JCI-CCPC in international accreditation of clinical care program specialized in curing advanced acute myocardial infraction and heart failure program. And with that accreditation, PSCCH is considered no.1 in middle east region and no.6 in the world. Besides JCI accreditation, the center has achieved ECMO accreditation from the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization who are dedicated to development and evaluation of novel therapies. In addition to that, the center has achieved accreditation certificate of cardiology fellowship program from SCFHS